In Touch Advantage

Privately owned long term care pharmacy in 2004, In Touch Pharmaceuticals pioneered the unit dose short-cycle, and our technological innovations, help clients improve performance and better manage medication error, faster medication pass time and reduce re-admission of patients while also reducing waste and pharmacy costs.

In Touch Pharmaceuticals Competitive Advantage

  • We are 100% short-cycle and the experts in the industry
  • Unit dose packages clearly marked with patient name, medication name, date and  administration of dose time
  • 7-day or less dispensing since 2004
  • Solution-oriented company that responds quickly and efficiently; 24/7
  • Our service expertise and dedication to our partners
  • Known for its unique “hands-on” approach to customer service, In Touch has a staff of more  than 30 pharmacists and key management personnel who are always just a phone call away 24  hours a day, seven days a week
  • Daily delivery of medications by our own delivery fleet, In Touch Delivery
  • Our technological innovations has allowed us the ability to create custom facility dispensing and  reporting solutions

With one of the strongest orientation and transition programs in the institutional pharmacy industry, In Touch conducts customized, Go Live on-site in-service training weeks before implementing service at a new facility. And on the first day of service, the In Touch Go Live Team is on-site to answer questions and provide support.