Role of a Pharmacy Consultant

Pharmacy Consultants are an integral part of our customer service team, so In Touch Pharmaceuticals provides one to each partner company to insure that patients are being taken care of correctly, that the facility pharmacy process is running smoothly and that on-going education and foresight are occurring. Currently we have 10 Pharmacy Consultants on staff.

Pharmacy Consultants Responsibilities

  • Meet with key department directors
  • Manage issues and opportunities
  • Answer policy and procedure questions
  • Provide remote availability through email and cell phone
  • Chart review
  • In-service Presentations on medications and disease state
  • Behavior meeting attendance
  • Psychotropic medication monitoring
  • Gradual dose reduction
  • Med pass observations
  • MAR audits
  • Med cart audits
  • Med room and refrigerator audits
  • Emergency Drug Kit (EDK) and refrigerated EDK audits
  • Pyxis repair, discrepancy and controlled substance reports
  • Generic testing program