1. What is short-cycle and its advantages?

Since 2004, we have been dispensing 7-day-or-less on routine brand name and generic oral solids. We also supply 24-hours of IV medication or a 72-hour dose for weekend use. The benefit to short-cycle distribution is reduced med error, shorter med pass times and cost savings to both the facility and the patient and it greatly reduces re-hospitalization

2.What does In Touch Pharmaceuticals do to reduce medication error?

The short-cycle system provides medication in resident specific unit dose packages that are sequenced by date and time of administration. This means residents receive only the medication they need at the correct time and makes administering medications easier while reducing the potential for med errors while saving money.

3. I am used to the way my current pharmacy works. How does In Touch Pharmaceuticals transition new customers?

In Touch Pharmaceuticals Go Live team begins working 30 days prior with your current pharmacy before going live. Our team supports you as long as it is necessary. For more detailed information, please click the Go Link tab on our website.

4. What is the role of the Pharmacy Consultant?

For more detailed information, please click the Go Link tab on our website or the tab on the left side of the page titled Pharmacy Consultants.

5. How do I get medications after hours?

One of our onsite pharmacists will discuss with you the best option to receive the needed medication. If your daily delivery has not left our facility it will be given to the delivery driver. If the driver has already left, we would suggest, that when possible, you use your Emergency Dispensing Kit (Pyxis) or if that is not a feasible solution we have an agreement with both CVS and 24hr Walgreen’s.

6. If I have a critical concern after hours, who will handle it?

The first step is to call one of our onsite pharmacists. If they cannot resolve your issue, they will either contact your Pharmacy Consultant for you or Key Senior Management.

7. Do you use a delivery service to deliver medication to our facility?

To ensure your residents get the medication they need, when they need it, In Touch Pharmaceuticals has our own fleet of delivery vehicles and personnel available to service your facility as quickly as possible.