Dispensing at its Finest

“It’s more than just your pharmacy, they become part of your team and even your family. One email or call is all it takes to get an answer to your question. Customer Service will exceed your highest expectation!”

Nicole, DON – St. Anthony’s, Lafayette, IN


“Regarding the heartwarming thanks I received, you are all very welcome. I’m being selfish, as I love working with you guys.”

Julie, Warden- St. Joseph County Jail, South Bend, IN

All long term care pharmacies are able to dispense the same oral solid and OTC medications. It is In Touch Pharmaceuticals innovation and technology driven pharmacy that sets us apart from everyone else. We pioneered short-cycle solutions in 2004, with the aim from inception to reduce medication pass error and we have improved our technology frequently to improve our processes.

Our 7-day short-cycle solution has proven to be effective in reducing med error, waste, med pass time and the re-hospitalization of patients.

When you partner with In Touch Pharmaceuticals, you become part of our family of pharmacists, technicians, customer service professionals, and an owner who gives his commitment to provide the best pharmaceutical care. We’re here when you need and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technology at Work

For many years we have individually packaged doses, labeled them with the patient’s name, dosage amount and time of administration. Today, we surpass all quality standards.

Our process, through innovation, has allowed us to provide the following to our partners:
  • Enhanced larger single dose, short-cycle packing; easier to read and administer
  • Quality controls check points viewed and verified by licensed pharmacists
  • Laser imaging and photography of all medications utilizing our systems to check for correct medication, intact oral solids, correct patient dosage and drug interactions and storage of these records


  1. Color indicators flag suspect pouches for pharmacist’s review
  2. Reduces missing medication requests from the facility, identifies crushed oral solids or double doses in one pouch
  3. Corrected pouches are photographed and uploaded to the database
  4. Pharmacy has full control of the database for later retrieval in case of a question and/or concern