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“I have worked with In Touch Pharmaceuticals since 2006. Throughout the Partnership they have offered excellence in training, delivery of medications and they go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of the Residents. Their honesty and integrity by far exceed the standards of your everyday pharmacy. I look forward to continuing to work with In Touch Pharmaceuticals to provide quality care to our Residents.”

Patti, R.N, D.O.N -Parkview Haven in Francesville, IN

A preferred long term care pharmacy, In Touch has been meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations since 2004. We understand the unique environment of the long term care industry and realize that medication waste and potential for medication error are major concerns, which is why we pioneered 7-day or less dispensing, years before the government implemented short-cycle dispensing. Our unique billing system results in cost savings, the ability to produce Med A vs private insurance split billing and post consumption billing.

Our business approach is straight forward, and we offer competitive pricing from the outset, making it easier for our clients to budget and provide a customer support team that has set the industry’s gold standard.

In Touch Pharmaceuticals serves long term care facilities in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Your residents pay just one dispense fee per month, plus you enjoy the technological advances afforded by the Pyxis™ system without any of the capital costs.

Short-Cycle Solutions

In Touch will work with you to determine the optimal number of days in the cycle- 7 Days or 3,4 supply to reduce cost.
  • Reduces waste by up to 79% compared to other systems
  • Reduces medication error, mitigating risk and exposure to litigation
  • Improves med pass administration times
  • Resident-specific unit dose sequenced by date and time of administration
  • Decreased med pass tine allows your staff more time for patient care

Clinical Consulting Solutions

Subscribing to the “less is best” approach, In Touch Pharmacy Consultants will make recommendations based on the best therapeutic outcome for the resident.

  • QA protocol keeps all stakeholders advised of issues, goals and concerns
  • Quarterly reports on the number of medications reduced
  • Work with clients to achieve 15% reduction in anti psychotics mandated by CMS
  • Work with clients and members of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
  • Participate in and contribute to QA Committees, Fall Committees and offer ready solutions
  • Provide in-service training and workshops based on a standard or custom offering


Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities have a daunting task trying to keep a population with complex medical issues healthy while managing the cost of care. Many offenders must take multiple medications on varying schedules, meaning custody and health staff must have a supportive medication administration system.

Additionally, variable offender stays and recurrent movement, combined with a population that changes frequently, requires specialized dispensing to reduce waste and improve efficiency. In Touch offers you the best cost and the best service.

In Touch has a proven process to control costs in a correction environment.
  • Formulary management to balance cost and care
  • Robust reporting to aid goal setting, continuous improvement and tracking efforts
  • Evaluate prescribing patterns to identify areas where lower cost substitutions can be made
  • Work with medical and mental health staff to manage the use of expensive drugs, particularly psychotropic and anti psychotic meds
  • Establish cost/benefit protocols for the most expensive treatments
  • Evaluate therapeutic value on what inmate received before incarceration versus current treatment
  • Adjust pharmacy needs based on length-of-stay and diagnosis versus complaint
Serving clients in Indiana, In Touch has a proven record of excellence and customer satisfaction.

“As an In Touch Pharmacy client, we have found the service and cooperation to be of the best quality. Having worked with other providers over the years, I find the staff and the service at In Touch to be far more in-tune to the facility and the needs of our residents. Beside the fact that they’re just good people to work with.”
Scott, HFA -George Ade, Brook, IN

Terry, MS, COO/Administrator -Hubbard Hill Living Wisdom Community, Elkhart, IN

  • Unit dose, time and date specific packaging with cycle length option of 7 days or less
  • Customized need assessment to identify the most efficient medication strategy
  • Daily, same-day delivery to accommodate intake and medication changes
  • Technology expertise and interface capability to track movement, intake and release
  • Work release transition process for ongoing medication management
  • Separate Bureau of Prisons billing
  • Future ePrescribing of controlled substances
  • A seamless, no cost transition process
  • Ongoing training and auditing functions

“Having not just a pharmacy provider, but preferably a pharmacy business partner is critical for survival in this everchanging landscape of providing Skilled and Long-Term Healthcare. For almost a decade, we have found In Touch Pharmaceuticals to be our pharmacy of choice.”

Terry, MS, COO/Administrator -Hubbard Hill Living Wisdom Community, Elkhart, IN
“Our facility has been a client of In Touch Pharmaceuticals for many years. The staff is prompt in answering questions and solving any issues that may come up. It is reassuring that we have this relationship with ITP and look forward too many years of partnership.”

Tracie, RN/CCO St. Anthony Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, West Lafayette, IN

Home with Meds®

We are coming home with you!

In Touch Pharmaceuticals wants to make sure the transition home is stress-free when it comes to medication. We have expanded our proven medication systems to include pharmacy services for patients leaving a facility and returning home. Our Home with Meds system ensures patients leave with the right medication and continue to receive the medications they need at home. Our recognized system helps patients and families reduce the risk of returning to the hospital or nursing care facility.

What You Can Count On

  • Patients leave the nursing care facility with the first 28-day supply and receive monthly, on- demand deliveries with the medications they need.
  • No need for multiple trips to a retail pharmacy.
  • Medications delivered in our easy-to-use packaging with every unit dose clearly marked by date and time, reducing the risk for errors and readmission to the hospital/care facility.
  • Pharmacy reliably delivers 28-day supply of medication to the patient’s home before it is time to begin the next cycle. Patients simply initiate re-order or new medication order after the first 28-day supply.
  • Pharmacists work directly with patient and patient’s physician for accurate orders and changes in medications after discharge.
  • Geriatric-certified pharmacists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer questions.
  • Relationships with the nursing facility/hospital and home health agency to ensure an approach that begins the moment the patient leaves the facility.
  • Ongoing education and training for patients and families.

Want to learn more?
Call us at 877-464-7055 and ask to speak to one of our Home with Meds® specialists to explore our affordable solutions.