It’s About Experience

In Touch Pharmaceuticals didn’t wait for CMS to mandate 14-day-or-less dispensing on brand name drugs. We’ve been providing 7-day-or-less on routine brand name and generic oral solids since 2004. We also supply 24 hours of IV medication or a 72 hour dose for weekend use. Always at the leading edge of the long-term care pharmacy industry, In Touch Pharmaceuticals is constantly working to ensure our clients’ resident-medication needs are met efficiently, effectively and accurately.

In Touch will work with you to determine the optimal number of days in the cycle.

  • 7 Days or 3, 4 supply to reduce cost
  • Reduces waste by up to 79% compared to other systems
  • Reduces medication error
  • Improves med pass times
  • Resident-specific unit dose sequenced by date and time of administration


It’s About Accuracy

“Short-cycle packaging enables our organization to enjoy maximal efficiencies of our staff with appropriate oversight and consultation utilized by their expert team. They are an integral part of our team!”

William, M.D., FAWM, CCHP-P, CTH
Medical Director -Correctional Health Indiana, Inc., Lake County Indiana

The In Touch short-cycle system provides medication in resident specific unit dose packages that are sequenced by date and time of administration. This means residents receive only the medication they need at the correct time. This makes administering medications easier, and it reduces the potential for medication errors while saving money.

In Touch Pharmaceuticals understands reducing and controlling pharmacy costs is an opportunity for overall facility cost management. We work with clients to manage costs without compromising resident care or positive therapeutic outcomes.
  • Short cycle dispensing reduces costs associated with waste, diversion and medication errors
  • Minimal cost for client to install of Pyxis Med 4000™ System
  • Customized formulary development provides positive outcomes at a reduced cost
  • Monthly reports are available to track spending by drug class, physician, facility and  formulary utilizations
  • “Less is best” approach results in fewer meds per resident
  • We accept all insurance plans